19' X 38' - North
19' X 38' - North
| MK Group
MK Group
2280 Sq Ft | 5+ Bed | 4+ Bath | 3+ Story | 0 Garage | dim
Width 19 | Depth 38
$ 30
First floor plan
Second floor plan
Second floor
Square footage
First floor 722
Second floor 779
Third floor 779
Total heated 2280
Width 19' 0"
Depth 38' 0"
Height 11' 0"
Main roof pitch 5/0
Ceiling heights
Main level 11' 0"
2nd level 11' 0"
Main features
Stories 3+
Bedroom 5+
Bathrooms 4+
Garage spaces 0

Full specifications and features
Architectural Styles Bungalow, European
Structure type Multi family
Bedroom Features Upstairs bedrooms, Main floor master, Main floor guestroom
Kitchen Features
Additional Room Features
Garage Features
Outdoor spaces Covered front porch
Lot characteristics Suited for narrow lot
What's included?

Cover sheet

An artist's rendering of the exterior of the house shows you approximately how the house will look when it’s constructed and landscaped.

Floor plan(s)

Set of detailed plans for each floor, showing the room layouts, interior square footages, door/wall partitions and window sizes. Also included are suggested locations for your kitchen appliances, plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, etc.

Exterior elevations

Front, rear, right and left side exterior elevations are shown including the exterior materials and measurements of your home.

Interior elevations

These drawings show a suggested layout design of cabinets, utility rooms, fireplaces, built-ins and other interior features depending on the complexity of your home.

Roof plan

Shows an overall bird ’s eye view of the roof layout, roof pitch, slopes and ridges of your roof design.

Foundation plan

This page gives you an overview of typical sections and details of the foundation. Every home has its own specific foundation requirements. You will need to verify and use the details pertinent to your home ’s foundation in addition to abiding by your local area building codes.

Cross-section details

These drawings are vertical cutaways views of your home detailing important relationships from one floor level to another, including changes in ceiling and roof heights.


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19' X 38' - North | VOFBSZUW

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