Why Plantribe
List Your Plans. Increase Your Revenue.

It’s simple. List your plans and sell more house plans Plantribe. We make the process of listing your plans, connecting directly with buyers, and the order fulfilment easy.

What is Plantribe?

Plantribe is a trusted marketplace to buy and sell house plans. We connect sellers directly with buyers and cut out the high commissions of online aggregators, the headaches of website inquiries, and the late office visits. We have hundreds of house plans from top architects, designers, and award-winning firms.

Who is Plantribe For?

We’re for anyone looking to sell house plans. If you have a few minutes to spend creating a profile, uploading your first plan, and increase your revenue, then we are for you! We are for everyone from sellers of prefab plans to award-winning architects and firms that sell exclusive and custom plans only. The days of having to build a website, worry about SEO, give 70% to aggregators, and late client visits at the office are over!

Why List Your Plans on Plantribe?

Plantribe is trusted by award-winning architects, designers, and over 1,000+ industry professionals.

Lowest Fees

Stop giving up 60-70% of your sales! We only take 10% of each plan sale.

Communication is Easy

We connect you directly with buyers and make the process easy. Stop wasting hours not getting paid for consultations and the back and forth.

You’re in Control

We don’t tell you what the charge. You can list your own plans, set the pricing, options, delivery method, etc.

We Care!

We truly care about our sellers and users. We keep and touch and help drive your sales. You can reach out the our founding team at any time!

Buy House Plans Without The Hassle

Plantribe is a trusted marketplace to buy house plans for your dream home.

1. Browse Top House Plans

2. Buy The Right Plan

3. Get Started On Your Dream Home

Best Prices

We connect you directly with the sellers and cut out the high margins. We get you the best plans and prices possible.

Finding The Right Plan is Easy

Use our filters, preferences, and purchase options to find out exactly what you need. We take the confusion out of the plan buying process.

Easy and Secure Pricing

No more sending checks and billed again later for services. Pay in a few clicks using our secure process.

We Care!

We truly care about our users and know that house plans are an investment to build your dream home. We are here to help in any way you need!