We are driven to become a transformative marketplace for buying and selling house plans.

We’re Domain Experts, Makers, and Innovators

Our team has over 20 years of experience as award-winning builders, developers, and house plan consumers. We built Plantribe out of our industry experience, past experience purchasing home plans, and working with both architects and builders.

Our founding team is based both in the United States and remote around the world. We’re makers in that we’ve built, launched, and scaled successful tech companies in the past and Plantribe is our found passion. We are taking our experience, ability to leverage technology, and applying it to the house plan and dream home building process to remove all the friction and inefficiencies. We are also doing this while helping architects increase their revenue and everyone win along the way.

We’re Helping The Industry

We’re reinventing the house plan market and doing so the right way. We are here to help architects, home designers, builders, and industry professionals first. We’ve created a marketplace for everyone in the business of selling house plan to sell theirs. From prefab, container homes, to custom high-end exclusive plans, it’s the ability for anyone to sell their house plans to the right customer that sets us apart. We want to hear from you along the way and build a platform that maximizes value to the industry, so please let us know how we can help you sell more house plans!